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Getting Classes Auditions

How Do You Get Through The Acting School Auditions?

Don’t sweat it – try to be as close to being normal as you can. Acting classes are designed to sharpen your skill; initially focus on your best abilities. Over dramatization is great on very few occasions, and this would definitely not be one of those occasions. You will be asked to act a monologue; be creative and confident when you do it. Choose something that becomes you – take the advice of your friends and family and pay close attention to their critique – and try perfecting it to the best of your ability.

Know your character well – you need to fully identify yourself with the character you are playing. Not even the best acting classes can help you if you do not internalize this basic prerequisite. To do this, it is not enough to know only your lines in the overall plot of action. You need to know in depth about all the characters that you would interact with and also all that are part of the play.

You also need to know ALL there is to know about your character; very often this means you have to research your character in depth. One of the major reasons for rejection in acting classes auditions, is that the person is unable to tell the full name of the character he is playing.

Know the classes for acting well – to do your best you need to know not only all about your material, but also all about those who are judging you. If possible to research on every individual on the panel, it is excellent; otherwise, check out the background of the school. Learn about their success stories, their niche, their focus; you will be able to connect better with your judges if you know the background well.

Be flexible – keep your attitude in control. The panel may ask you to perform in different ways; sometimes not the best way – according to you. Do it. They are looking for students for their acting classes; let them feel you are perfect for them.