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Steps of Movie Making

In order to provide you with less than three hours of entertainment, movie makers toil for years and spend millions. Once completed, a movie could provide enjoyment to millions and it also has the potential to earn millions for its producer. It is interesting to look at how a movie is being made as it is a long process.

There are a few different stages that are involved in making a movie. The first step involves a lot of planning because the production has to be prepared. This is typically done by the director and the producer of the film. The producer is the one that invests the money into the movie, and the director is the one that gets the movie started.

In order for a movie to be made, the director must have an idea of a story that he or she would like to see on film. Once a story has been chosen, then the screenplay is written. The screenplay is written much like you would see in any other play that you would read. This involves all of the characters, what they should say, and what they should do. Once the screenplay is written, then the director begins to audition various actors and actresses in order to play the different roles in the movie.

After hiring the actors to play the different characters, the director then finds locations that can be used as the scenes in the movie. Some of the scenes of a film are shot in a studio, while others are at various different locations.

Once the locations have been found, then the filming of the movie can take place. There are numerous different people that are involved in making the movie at this point. This is when cinematographers, makeup artists, people to provide transportation, as well as many other people become involved.

Shooting a film can take anywhere from just a few months to years depending on the length of the film. Once the movie has been recorded, the director will have the movie on film.

Of course, when movies are made, they incorporate more scenes than what actually ends up in the movie that you see. It is the editor’s job to cut out the scenes of the movie that are not needed.

The sounds for the movie are not recorded at the same time that the movie is recorded. This is done later on in a studio once the film has been edited. The director then has to view the movie to ensure that his visions were properly played out on the screen.

If the director and the producer are both content with the outcome of the movie, then there are a specific number of copies that are made and sent to different companies for screening.